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Hi Brittany,
This is a complicated case. Thanks so much for posting! I see that Dr. Luby has been seeing the patient (whom he knows from clinic), and I discussed the case with Dr. King (the ID attending who has been following as well). The whole story does seem most consistent with adult stills. I personally think that the positive brucella IgM was a false positive most likely and probably a red herring. The only part that doesn't quite add up to me is his leg abscess (which reportedly was not hot or swollen or tender, which is odd). Cultures were negative, but he had received some antibiotics prior to drainage on 8/12/18. The infectious work up seems to be pretty comprehensive, and my gut feeling is that while there may have been an infectious trigger acutely, in general infection is not the main issue. I agree that for completeness (and especially in the setting of steroids) checking CMV and EBV PCR is a good idea. Per Dr. King, the patient dramatically improved with steroids overall today clinically, which is good. I agree with Chris that anakinra might be the best next step (and in light of the unrevealing infectious work up, I do not think there is an ID contraindication giving it at this point).


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Hi Brittany,
Thank you for posting this case. Another potential Stills!!......
Hematolymphoid malignancy should be aggressively ruled out, and looks like BMBx was done today, and imaging is negative for LAD or splenomegaly.
A big infectious w/u has been done and looks negative although I’d definitely add EBV PCR as well as CMV PCR, and would love to hear Bonnie’s opinion if she’s available.
I would suggest an IL18 level as an indirect marker of inflammasome hyperactivation (would support use of anakinra).  Would also advocate for a cytokine panel (does not include IL18 unfortunately, but does include IL6, which might argue more in favor of Actemra).
Wouldn’t necessarily wait to get the IL18 result back to start anakinra, but in case things respond weirdly (as we have seen recently w Ms. Lowder), at least we’d have a full set of baseline data to guide us.  I have included Dr. Araj and Wende Wells, to make them aware that these labs may be coming.


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I have a patient at Clements on whom we wanted to get the task force's opinion.
MRN 91897375
Ferrer, Jose

Jose Ferrer is a 44 year old Filipino male physician with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and recent admit (8/10/2018 - 8/17/2018) for fever of unknown origin suspected to be due to an infectious cause. The fevers had been ongoing for 5 weeks prior to that admission, along with chills, sweats, generalized weakness, arthralgias, and myalgias. He has had extensive travel to India, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, and the Philippines. He was asymptomatic while abroad, but the symptoms started on arrival to the US.

Briefly, during recent admit, he had extensive evaluation was found to + Brucella Ab IgM along with left knee arthritis (aspirated, no growth), right shoulder arthritis (aspirated, no growth), and left calf abscess that underwent I&D by general surgery. He was discharged on ceftriaxone + rifampin + doxycycline.

He was readmitted with symptoms of fever (104.6 max), loose stools, and nausea that had not improved since discharge. Antibiotics were held as it was thought that this could be adult onset Still's Disease.

Labs on admission:
ESR 100
CRP 142.6
Ferritin 45621
Fibrinogen 509
LDH 720

Heme/Onc was consulted and they will perform BM biopsy. Soluble IL-2 receptor is pending in lab.

So far, we have started him on Solu-Medrol 1000 mg on 8/22.

Thank you for review of this case!

Brittany Ahmed
Rheumatology Fellow PGY V

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